Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long time no type..

Me showing off the ACC colors at FATS
Ian and I at the Giant Demo day.. 

Yeah, I know, it's been a while..  With nothing going on much cross wise, it kinda gets hard to come up with stuff..  

Update..  New baby..  William, Ian is now 3 and life is good..  

If you haven't been by Andy's lately, drop by, shop looks awesome with new floors..  If you're looking to get a new MTB, ck out the Anthem..  I got and X2 and LOVE it..  I mean SWEET.. 

IT band is getting better and I hope to be doing long rides soon..  Like REAL soon..   Don't forget..  The DAM ride is coming up April 19th..  This is a good cause we should all try to support..  

Also, PLEASE volunteer for one of the work days that SORBA puts on..  It is great exposure for us as a team/club..  I've done about 10 hours of work at the canal trail and it is awesome, and have done one 4 hour work party at FATS with those guys, it's fun and you really get to see what kind of work goes into our local trails....  Yeah, I could've been riding those 14 hours, but I did something to make our local cycling scene a better place for all..   They have a mission and it's great helping out..   Trust me, you'll be tired when you're done, but you'll be so glad you gave something back for the cause..  I know I did!   

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Sam said...

Congrats! Williams is so CUTE!
Glad to hear your knee is feeling better