Monday, July 27, 2009

We're back!

I ran the steps and this is what Drew made me out to be!  Now only if I can do this during cross season!  

Well boys and girls that time of year is rapidly approaching...  CROSS SEASON..  

Yes, I know, it's 97 degrees outside with 99% humidity, but come on, you know you're ready to suffer!

Speaking of which..  JT and I have been representing ACC at the Canal Crown series that Drew and Dustin have been putting on at the canal trail..  I highly recommend you come out and support the cause and test to see where your fitness is..  So far it's been a lot of fun..  Next race is Aug. 6th at the trail..  So far JT is cleaning house, so someone needs to come give him a challenge..  

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Drew Jordan said...

I guess everyone else is skeered...haha