Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Saturday Ride..

A lot of talking on this ride..  

Not exactly the best way to start a ride..  

Relaxing day...


Erik cruising along...

Today was a beautiful day..  I met Erik, Ed and JT out at Ft. Gordon for a nice steady ride..  Should've known it was going to be interested when JT deafened us all when he blew his tire up!  That of course led to more adventure when we were probably farthest from the cars..  We decided to do the big loop, then the small loop and then another loop in a different area I'd never ridden.  Well after our slight delay due to JT's blowout, we got started..  Weather was nice, wind actually wasn't too bad and the company was great!  

The adventure began when JT had yet another flat..  The flat was not really the issue..  The issue was I was the only one with a tube..  Unfortunately I picked up the wrong seat pack and that tube as for 30 mm tires, not 23 mm tires..  So, I also had a patch kit, so we decided we'd just patch it..  Well, a patch kit is only good if it has glue.. Uh, no glue..  I don't know what happened to it, but it wasn't in the pack..  So, we're back to trying to get a 30 mm tube in a 23 mm tire.. JT finally gets it in and we're off again..  

We ended up doing the big loop and the small loop, about 38 miles..  I thought of doing another loop, but don't want to kill myself before tomorrow's ride, which I hope will be DRY!

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Drew Jordan said...

Man, Ed's AJBW/Takosushi kit looks dope!