Sunday, January 4, 2009

And on the fourth day the legs said...

"Dude, no more riding in the rain, let's sleep in"...  and so I did..

I got to M'ville Wed. and went to a New Years party with Ian for a while, then took him home and decided to crash at a friends house so I could cut loose..  I don't know though, I just wasn't feeling the "get stupid drunk" feeling..  Plus, I really wanted to have some good days of riding and knew this would not help out at all..  So, I did the right thing, had a few beers and watched everyone else get wasted..  I went home about 2:00 and had a good time..
Party time..  It was really cold, but thanks to the fire and a few drinks, everything was all right!

Not a good situation when you're totally toasted after a ride..  Thank goodness Michael had the day off.. It wouldn't have been a nice ride back to my mom's house in the rain with no food, drink or money!!

Now this hill doesn't look bad, but it is especially your fifth time up it..  And that gravel is there because soft sand is under it.. 

My favorite section, simply beautiful...  I had a deer come so close to hitting me, I could feel the breeze as she came by..  

This is the start, very nice facilities..

  I got up Thurs. and headed out to Bartram Forest for a two hour ride.. It was nice and sunny..  Good ride, but rode with a group some, so I didn't get the full workout I was looking for..

Friday I decided to do a road ride, but with all the Kaolin mines running full blast decided to go back to Bartram..  I had a GREAT workout!!  It was drizzly, but I did 30 miles, which doesn't sound like much, but it's really hilly out there and rough..  I rode for 2:35 out there only for it to start raining half way through..  I was so wasted afterward and then realized I left my lights on AND I had no one to call..  I finally came up with someone and wouldn't you know when they got there a forestry truck drove up..

Saturday was out at the airport loop, which has a 7.5 mile loop that can be really hilly if taken the right way..  I did the hilly ride way..  That's what I need..  HILLS..  Of course, it drizzled the whole time, making a wet ride.

This morning of course it was raining, so I slept in, but was rewarded by sunlight after lunch..  So, I did 25 miles and had a super workout..  Focused on each hill and my HR, which is the key to getting better..  

My legs are toasted now, but I'm psyched.. 

BTW, Bob shared a profile shot of the Southern Cross route, it's going to be BRUTAL!!  

One final note..  If your in the market for some cool pro stuff or embrocations, ck out  

I just got some stuff from them, there was an issue, and they totally took care of me..  Great service and good prices..  Thanks Don for the help!!

Till next time..  

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