Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Four days of riding..

Well, as the year approaches an end, thank goodness, it's time to think of 09.. As for training, I actually started on Monday and so far so good.. I did a 1 hour ride on my cross bike Monday and a MTB ride with Eric N. last night.. Today I will rest and recover from the last three days of riding..

I'm off the rest of the week and going to M'ville through Sunday.. While there, I've got some great rides picked out.. I plan on riding my road bike Thurs./Sat. and the cross bike on Fri./Sun. Should be a really good block of riding.. Thurs. route is a 30 mile loop with some killer hills, with the cross route being a good dirt road route that is about 5 miles, but it's a good circuit, with one really long hill that is pretty much all sand.. So, cross your fingers and let's hope the IT band holds out.. I've been stretching all week and have a new tube of Icy Hot!!

My goals for the new year are to lose some wt., I'd really like to drop down to 170 and of course go into cross season in much better shape next year with my goal to do the USGP in Ohio in October.. I'm also thinking of doing just the Bs next year in the Ga. series.. Should be interesting..

Happy New Year everyone!!

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