Sunday, December 7, 2008


Loose Nuts team bike...  
Men's B podium.. 
Single Speed Podium
Dude, when you come out of retirement, you're supposed to shave your legs!

Kyle in the early going in the Master's race..
Kyle and Robert discussing the chill in the air and Melissa telling Becca about freak show she missed the night before with four white guys in a hot tub..  

Wow, it just seems like yesterday we were getting ready to start the season and today it's over..

   What a GREAT year we have all had..  This is only our 2nd year as a team and we rocked the house!!  2nd place in BOTH team categories, TWO 1st place series category overall wins,  Becca in the women's Bs, Matt in the men's Bs.  TWO second place category wins, John in the men's Cs,  Kyle in the SS and a lot of podium positions..  We were on multiple podiums EVERY weekend!!  WHAT A HUGE YEAR!!  All I can say is we will be one of the most talked about teams coming in to next year and are going to have our hands full with so many riders moving up a category..  But that is a positive thing..  

Hat's off the Phelan clan for their one two punch in the B and C races,  Matt for his dominance in the B category and to Kyle for his dedication in the SS category..  Many of us have had HUGE performances and at least one of us come out of retirement ;)...  I don't know where to start except to say thank you all for making this the best season ever..

You guys all rocked the house through the lows and the highs you stuck together as a team and all pitched in to help each other, whether it was helping someone set up their bike, letting them borrow parts, clothes, whatever..  Everyone pitched in..  If a teammate was having a bad day, you guys encouraged them to hang in there..  If a teammate was injured, you offered your support..  Even if a teammate needed a buck, you didn't hesitate to offer up one or two..  (I forgot my ck book today and didn't think I had enough cash, Jake quickly and selflessly offered to pay my entry)  You don't see that on many teams, if any!  That's what makes us a unique group..  Everyone lends each other a hand...  I've had more than one person notice and mention this to me..  To me, this is what being on a team and having a team is all about...  TEAMWORK!!

I'll post a race report probably tomorrow night..  If you have any pictures, please email them to me, I only have a few..  


Melessa said...

Ahhh...yes and what a freak show it was.

Benjamin said...

You guys rock. All the proof you need is right here:

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

Dude it says the picture is deleted.. Can you please email it to me..