Saturday, December 27, 2008


Anyone ever notice when you get time off of work the weather sucks?  I did three hours on the FATS Forest Service roads and am whiped out!  That's some great riding without even touching the trails..  It was a good work out, but the IT band is telling me about it today..  I've been stretching and doing the roller.  I can't let that thing creep back up on me or life will totally suck!!  Last time it got bad I could only ride for 45 min. at a time and that was spinning lightly..  Totally sucked.

Hope to do the group ride tomorrow although the weather looks like it could be a crap ride..  Of course Monday it'll probably be sunny and beautiful..  

Anyone ever look at facebook?  WOW, now that's a cool site..  I feel like I've reunited with half of my high school class and friends from college..  

Diegem is tomorrow, be interesting to see if Page races..  Dude's gotta be hating life right now, but hopefully everything will clear it self out..  Hopefully it'll be on the internet..

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