Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mud and running..

 Jake getting ready for his next wrestling match at Ft. Yargo..
     Kyle finally on the podium..  Shey looks way to enthused...  

The crew..

       Matt hammering at Conyers 2  

                             Spanky totally focused..  

Okay, so I know you are all going to be disappointed, but this is going to be a quickie..  I'm sick, my kitchen is torn to heck and I gotta get ready to go out of town for work tomorrow..  So, here's the down and dirty..

We did good...  Okay, just kidding, we did real good..  Conyers no. 2 was just that..  A race filled with no. 2 all over the place..  Probably the hardest race I've ever done..  The course was hard as it is, but add to that about 2 inches of rain and you've got one heck of a mess..  The team did well however, with Becca making an awesome comeback to win her race, John pretty much doing the same to get 3rd again, Kyle getting 3rd in the SS race and Spanky getting 6th in the B race..  Matt put on a show of force in the B race while Robert dabbled here and there and got 16th..  This was Robert's first weekend back to racing and he did it balls out!  He did three races, something I couldn't quite pull off.. Robert, you da man!!

I had an okay race, but during the SS race, I broke my chain tensioner and my chain went in the wheel, so to insure points, I ran the whole freaking course..  Sorry to those I snapped at near the finish, I can get a little testy sometimes, especially when I've just run two miles carrying a broken bike in the rain, I'm pissed about the bike, my result sucks, my hamstring is killing me and someone's yelling at me telling me to "go"..   I'm working on curbing my explicit vocabulary..  :)  

I think everyone had a good time and we're hoping to have a lot of fun for the final..  Dallas always serves up a lot of pain..  Due to illness though, I'm not making any promises.  I'm just going to give 100% in the B race and call it a year..  

Till I get a chance to update again..  

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