Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The withdrawal begins..

Here's to you guys, thanks for a great season..  Can't wait till next year!!   
Chris with Loose Nuts hooking me up with a vital feed during the race..  PBR actually goes down pretty good when your heart rate is at 177 bpm..  Thanks guys, you made the year and races the much more entertaining!!  (Photo provided by Ben of Loose Nuts)  

So it's Tuesday night and no practice..  So, to settle into the "no practice" zone I went for a ride on the SS bike..  I've got to ramp up endurance now to get ready for the Southern Cross race in Ellijay next month..  I've got about six to seven weeks to get ready to get ready for a 60 mile cross race!  What was I thinking???

So back to Sunday..  Ben posted on the comments that we rock, but put an address of fotos that won't work.. Ben, please post the link again..  I need those fotos..  

Here's a few pics from Sunday.. 

Team party this Sunday, so that should be fun..  What will we do the next Sunday though.. Hmm..  Dirt road ride anyone????  Hell no Kyle we ain't riding at 6:30!!!  

Last race of the season and I was so feeling like crap..  It's amazing what a little cold can do to you in just three days..  
Our new comer Chad getting on the podium for his last race of the season and probably last Ga. race..   I told Kyle at our last practice that I bet Chad would podium before the series was over..  He was putting 110% efforts in at every practice to learn as much as possible and make the most of his time..   Chad came to us via California via the military and  heads back next week to sunny and I'm sure warmer California....  Thanks for joining us Chad, it was fun having you around and you'll be missed..  
Super B on top and in charge!  Next year should be REALLY interesting..  I'm confident she'll still be on that podium...
Bob, you are the man..  Guy has serious calf injury two weeks ago, comes back to take the series' final race..  Good luck at nationals and I'll see you in January for Southern Cross..

Matt pushing it up the run up..  That leader jersey looks nice..  How many of those did you get Matt?
The boys sucking down some cold ones after the race..  Thanks to Loose Nuts for sharing the brew, I have to admit, taking a beer feed works a lot better than you would think..  I highly recommend it..  
Ah, soaking in the tub the night before the race...  30 degrees outside, 104 degrees in the tub!!  Don't worry, we did a "hand check" every few minutes..  Probably should've done a "foot check", but we won't talk about that..

Till next time!!      

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