Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cut, It's a wrap..

Let's hope we see more of this next year!!  
Jake warming up in Blairsville...
Kyle climbing in Blairsville..
John Allison killing out out of the "circle of death" in Conyers..
Kyle hitting the barriers in Dallas..
The dynamic duo..  
Dan, the rider formally known as ____,  climbing in Rome..  
Kyle, Dan and Jake cking out the goods trying to decide if they've got enough crap..  
The Wii wiz..  Genoveve (I can't spell) is a Wii and Pokeman machine!!    

Well, the season is finally really over..  I think most of us really didn't know what to do today..  It's usually that way right after the season ends..  It's the first Sunday in eight weeks that we weren't getting ready for race day at 8:00 am or waking up in a strange bed that isn't nearly as comfortable as the one we have at home..  I for one was up and riding at 8:30 in the slush at Bartram Trail getting ready for my next big event that will come up in January..  I hope it's good weather, because this morning riding in the wet and cold sucked...  I can't imagine doing it for 3+ hours, 1.5 hours was long enough for me today..  

We had our season end party tonight..  I think everyone had fun..  Kyle and I gave Chad a jersey as a going away present and we all enjoyed just visiting..  It's funny, you go to practice and to the races week in and week out, but you never really get to know the people you bond with until the season is over.. 

Thanks for coming over everyone..  Michele and I enjoyed having you over and Ian's so worn out he practically passed out when put in the bed..  

Have a happy and safe holiday season..  

Till next year..

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