Sunday, December 21, 2008

Windy day = GREAT ride...

Great day for a ride..  Windy, cloudy, sprinkly, and sunny..  Robert and I decided to bag FATS and go out to Ft. Gordon..  I think it was a good call.. I'm sure the trails were wet and I like to think those guys at SORBA would appreciate our respecting trail use common sense..  

We decided to do the big loop and decide from there..  We did the first one and with a nod of the head quickly took the split to the left as not to think to much about our decision..  We chose correctly, at least that was what I was hoping..  Robert was riding strong and I felt like was holding my own..  Robert did a mtb ride the day before with Dan and Jake, so I'm sure he was a little tired, but he wasn't showing it today..

Overall a great ride..  Wind was really rough, but we both rode with no drafting as to get the best work out possible and we did!!  We're  doing the same ride Wed. if anyone is interested..  Two big loops, no compromises!  

           Robert tightening up the shoes getting ready to dish out some pain.. 
Me responding the pain dishing...  I suck at climbing... 
Fueling with for lap 2
Obviously before the beating started..

The days steed..  Heavy, but will pay off in the long run...

car 2.jpg

Now this is a monitor


Becca Phelan said...

I can't tell...has Robert shaved those legs yet???!!!

Ross said...

Hell no!