Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little rain to make it complete..

So, I got up this morning expecting to find fog and drizzel, but to my surprise it was SUNNY!!  Ah, SUN I've missed you so..  I quickly got up, got ready and was off to meet the group..  Having a half a pack of oatmeal isn't a good way to prepare for a ride, but it was better than nothing..  Great route picked out today and by the time I got home I had 53 miles..  

Leg felt good, but I used about half a thing of icy hot, it's still hot now even after a shower..  We'll see how Tuesday goes, that'll be the day the pain would normally set in.  I stretched real good before the ride and after, so I hope to be good to go..  Should get in two really good rides on Thurs. and Friday in M'ville..  I hope it doesn't rain anymore so I can go ride the dirt road loop there..  

Great ride today though, I felt comfortable the whole ride and managed for the most part to keep the HR in check..

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kleinsrule said...

impressive ride today (you surprised me on the first climb!) I'm glad i decided to join you guys, it was nice to be riding w/ Jeff T. again!