Friday, November 28, 2008

Rumors, Weather, and I got a big ASS!!

 I love this pic!  "Hi, I'm Becca (Super B) and I'm ready to kick some ass!"

Junk in the trunk!!!

Now tell me you can't see the whole alphabet going across that thing!!  
Ian making sure the oxygen mask works for Sunday's triple hitter!!  That's right, I registered for them all!!  
Will Mr. Woldring make an appearance?  My money is it!! 
Rumor 1;  I got a call the other day from Mr. Woldring..  Seems he may be going to join in the fun this weekend in Conyers..  Let's hope so, it'd be good to see him get out there and see what he's been missing all year..
Rumor 2;  I spoke with Jim tonight and this is going to be a tough course!!  It's wet already before the rain, so now it's REALLY going to be wet..  Word to the wise..  Don't wear that white jersey, it's gonna get dirty!
 Rumor 3; Brett and his son Conner are going to race this weekend..  Yes, finally Mr. Barrier, (Brett can run a set of barriers faster than anyone I've seen!) is going to come out in the elements and join in the fun..  (Brett, you can't use the weather as an excuse, it's cross!)  
 Rumor 4;  I'm going to do three (3) races..  Yes, I've registered for masters, SS and B's..  Should be interesting..  This is how Kyle explained it to me "see, you use the masters as your warm up, do the SS all out, then cool down during the B race"  Yeah right, how about this, "I race like mad all three races, then fall over from exhaustion."

Weather;  So, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and Sat. night..  I just hope it turns out cloudy only on Sunday with a chill, not no full on rain and bitter cold..  I've become a wuss in my older age and just can't handle it like I used to..

See you Sunday!!  


Culpepper said...

Well Ross, that is why everybody sprints past you at the start, because if we don't get in front of you before the tight sections we won't be able to get by. Lay off the egg mcmuffins!!! Just kidding, be happy you have a ass, you could be 140lbs of nothing like me!!

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

140!!! Man I'd just love to get down to 170!

Sam said...

Ross, Sorry I will miss you all tomorrow. I am off to get my left artery repaired Tues so I have a Ton to do before then (so it is the other leg that needs surgery, not the one that already had it). Thankfully I"ll have two working legs for cross next year! Good luck and have fun!!!