Thursday, November 27, 2008

I did it.. Well, almost..

 Cold day in Hamme Zogge!  Jonathon Page running the steps..  I love steps!!
                         Coming out of the pits..  

Photos courtesy of Bettini Photo

As I sat down to lunch today I thought (must use self control)  Well I'm proud to announce that I did it..  well, till M brought out the apple pie AND the whipped creme..  DOH!!  That's okay, I did go for a ride this afternoon to burn off those (extra) calories..  :)  I rode my SS and I'm wondering how I'm going to pull of this Sunday's quest to do three races..  I mean, that's a lot of racing and the B race starts right after the SS race...  That's an hour and five minutes of racing!  As it stands now, I'm planning on doing them all..  I just wonder how hard that SS race is going to be and if I'm trying to turn too big a gear..  I'm running a 42x19..  The course is supposed to be flat and fast.. I know Dallas is tough, so I decided I would do it in Conyers instead of trying it in Dallas.. 

Here's a couple pics from last weeks Super Prestige race in Hamme Zogge, Belgium...  Great race and I highly recomment you ck out the highlights at  

Hope to so take it easy tomorrow..  No shopping for me, interesting thing I did see today was at 12:30, there were people already camped out at Best Buy..  Come on people get a life, what's worth spending your Thanksgiving sitting on a sidewalk in front of a retail store?

Till next time...  

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