Monday, November 10, 2008


                    Our PRO set up in "Hunting for Love" park

                      This isn't going to end pretty... 

                       Spunky killing it!!  

             Coach Ian getting me through the warm up..

So you know what they say, NEVER change anything on your bike less then three days before an event no matter what right?  WRONG!!  I bought a front der. to use for the rest of the year so I could run a double set up since I'm not as strong as I used to be and noticed that the amt. of energy I'm using to push a mamoth gear could be used much more later on when I need it, if I could conserve it for later in the race..  or hell, even after the next hill!  So, I didn't change anything and to much regret, there was a hill that a lot of people could ride in a 39x27, that I couldn't ride in a 42x27.  Now, I'm not making excuses, I'm fat and out of shape, those are the facts.  I'm just saying, instead of 23rd, maybe I could've been 21st! 

So, the team rolled into Rome for the fourth race of the series..  Some of the guys camped out the night before in "Hunting for Love" park and I'm glad to report none were violated during the night.  The course was a fast course with a good amt. of off camber and some devilish hills that could be ridden with the right gearing, but really wore on you during the race..  We had eight riders in Rome and again had a good weekend, but then again had a rough weekend on the crash and burn department.

First up was Kyle and No Luck (Mike C.) in the masters race..  I have to admit, I slept in guys..  sorry, but I worked real hard so we could all have fun on Sunday..  Kyle was 9th in the 35+ race and No Luck crashed during the warm up and cut his head open.  He started the race, but didn't last long..   

Next up was JP (John P.)  I think for the next race I'm gonna give JP a frame pump to put on his bike so he can take anyone out that is threatening him in the last turn..  After a bad start, JP was up front on lap two..  Great job of keeping his cool and biding his time..  The next few laps were great, he was sitting in the perfect position when on the last ride\run up, there was a crash..  All three went down and unfortunately, the first one up won.  What can you do, that's racing..  Still, 3rd out of 60, that's super..  Great job JP of keeping you cool at the start.. Personally, I'd probably blown up from panic..  Jake looked like he was trying out for the WWF, but swears he wasn't trying to kill the guy..  :)  
Next up were Super B and Melissa.  Super B had her hands more than full today..  Actually, I think the winner of her race could've given the women in the A race a strong run for their money, but I won't go there.  Super B got 3rd, but is fighting mad and ready for redemption next week.  Melissa was 9th after falling and breaking her wrist\hand..  Great race and determination to hang in there.  She drove up that morning, 4 hours, fell hard and still had a respectable finish..  While the women were slugging it out, Kyle was once again, and I don't understand the methology racing the SS race.  Today he was 5th, so we got some good points there..  Shey again left everyone wondering if he was really using a SS..

The final race for ACC today was the men's B race.  Spunky took his pills,  The Kid looked like he was fresh and hungry and I was relaxed and ready for some fun after Coach Ian (see top phot0) guided me through my warmup..  I have to admit, I really like the start..  It's just crazy and aggressive..  Today was NO exception..  You started on a long paved stretch, then did a 180 at the top of the hill on to grass on a sharp off caber turn.  I got a great start, got a great angle into the first of camber section, got to throw some elbows and felt great..  Well, then reality hit...  So, as I realize I'm gonna blow, I hear Spunky behind me yelling..  I know he's so much stronger than I so I tell him to follow me, I'll take him to the front..  Well, I did my part and it was game over..  I blew like a steam kettle..  I finally settled into a rhythm and unfortunately he hit a big pot hole and his shoulder said uncle, then he said, well, I can't say, I hope more than just the team read this and I don't want the whole world to think we have potty mouths, let's just say it was game over..  Meanwhile, I'm plugging away trying, begging my body to recover, but it just won't do it.  Finally, with two laps to go, I get in a groove, just in time for The Kid to come around me like he's on a Sunday cruise..  So, Matt killed them again, and I finished 23rd..

So this weekend, we had three top fives, a win, a broken wrist\hand, a gashed head and a banged up shoulder.  I liked last weekend better :)  We should be really well positioned points wise going forward..  A couple of heavy Fulton Fliers guys have called it a season, but GTC is hot!   

Next up is Blairsville..  I won't be there, so we'll have a guest reporter next time..  Speaking of reporter, Kyle was on the front page of the Rome paper..  There's a link to it on the cross forum..  They said he was someone else, but we all know The Cutter..  

I hope to add a photo section, the problem is, we're all so busy racing we forget to take pics.. I'm hoping to get a few from Adam..  I see some other people taking photos, but unfortunately they won't money, and right now, that's a little tight.  So, if you have any team pics to donate to the blog, let me know..  Better late than never..  Brad at Chain Reaction donated his photos to last weeks post..  Thanks Brad!  

I'm off to install a front der. now.. Coach Ian said that should help me out!  We'll see...    



Sam said...

sounds like a painful day...good job though.

That first pic you have is great!!

Andrew Butler said...

holy moly. sounds super intense. I wish I knew what all the lingo meant. Here's a request: link the technical/lingo words to their wikipedia page, if they have one, or some other definition online. All us lay-folks will appreciate it!
I haven't been too regular about blogging. I spend most of my writing time working on other projects.
I hope I have the chance to see you, Michelle and coach Ian this winter!