Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 Out of 7 Ain't To Bad!!!

Anyone else notice how much Kyle smiles when he's running the barriers?  That's just sick!
                    John and his gang of misfits..  
                     Becca and her arch rival..  
    Matt airing out the boys and taking his place on the podium...
  "Yeah guys, this roller thing is great..  Just don't move this truck..  "    

So, this weekend the team headed over to Ft. Yargo for the Georgia Cross State Championships..  Since I whimped out of the NC races, I decided to shack up with my friends Adam and Nancy in Athens..  (BTW:  If you think Nancy's brownies rock, Nancy's got the best hot chocolate in the SE hands down!)  I got the Ft. Yargo Sat. afternoon and rode the course some with Adam, Shey, John and Spanky..  Course was typical Yargo, kinda rough, good sand and marbles in some of the corners..  Good course and I like the fact that Dan doesn't change it up, but keeps it consistant..
First race of the day was us old guys..  Slightly chilly, but not too bad..  Brian decided to join Kyle and I for our masters adventure, but unfortunately for Brian, his last name is Culpepper and he took the roll of Mr. NL (Mike Culpepper aka: No Luck) and flatted 100 meters after the start..  Anyway, all he missed was a bunch of guys with rockets tied to their asses, because all I saw was vapor from where I was at..  SUPER fast race from the start, I totally blew up where Brian flatted..  It was nuts!!  Congrats Brady on taking the win.. I was 12th and Kyle was 9th..  Good showing..

Next up was JP, staying consistant as he has been all year,  he was 3rd after battling it out with the young guns from Athens, these guys and gals know how to have fun at a cross race.  Ck out their flickr site and you'll see..  (Hey guys, were you both on fixies or SS?  That disc wheel rocks!) Great race especially since he really took a dive in "Marble Alley"..  Chad put in a great 4th place and after watching him at practice tonight, he and JP could really put a hurting on those boys in the Dallas race..  Brian managed to survive the start of this race finishing 12th with Jake pulling in 27th.
Super B put on a great show in the women's B race giving Mary a run for her money and ditching the competition all over the course.. I joked with the girls about beating up on Becca, but didn't expect them to literally take a dive,  poor girls looked like they got eaten alive by the marbles, although they did seem fine after a few beers..  (BTW: I was really looking forward to that beer feed you guys teased me with)  Spanky's wife joined Becca in the race and "I think" had more fun that she's willing to admit..  We just have to encourage her to use that right shifter.. :)  Honestly, it won't hurt..   (Thanks for joining us Melissa hope you will come play again) 
In the SS race Kyle put a hurting on Shey, (well actually made Shey work real hard) to come in 3rd place.  I'm gonna join Kyle next week to see what all the fun is that I'm missing..  Supposedly it's so much fun that my toes will curl!  We'll see..

The B race was our final of the day..  This is the race I feel more comfortable in..  My results don't really show it, but at least here I'm not in no mans land the whole race and have other people to ride with, not just ride past me..  I got 29th while The Kid put on a good show finishing a rock solid 2nd and my little buddy Spanky coming in 12th..  From what I hear, the front group was all together and Matt just put the hammer down and it exploded.. 
All in all, a great weekend, kinda expensive, we killed two sets of carbon wheels, one of us is probably facing shoulder surgery, but it was fun.  Right now we're 2nd in the combined and 3rd in the overall..  We've got two riders leading their categories, Becca and Matt, so right now with 2 races to go we are rocking..  The teams that are around us are all older teams with very experienced riders, so for this to be our second year shows we're kickass!  Out of 7 podiums, we were on 4 of them..  

Next week is Conyers..  To the competition:  Eat baby eat, you know you want to just keep on eating that pumpkin pie and turkey leg!!  Jim has promised an exciting course with something for everyone except moutain bikers, so we should all do well I hope!!  

Till next time!!    

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