Monday, November 3, 2008

Conyers Celebration and Pain..

The Augusta Cross Coalition (ACC) headed to Conyers Ga. test out their legs against what would be the largest race of the year with a field full of a lot of talent and strength.. Keeping with their showing so far, the team put on a great performance. We had two wins, Rebecca Phelan and Matt Stewart winning the Women's C and Men's B race respectfully with John Phelan getting 3rd and Melissa Liegh getting 3rd in their races.. In the masters race Kyle and Brian both had good races while I sucked totally.. Kyle then jumped in the SS race because he just couldn't get enough.. The big race of the day for the team was supposed to be the B race. Well, things started out quite well, but then I noticed on the second lap my man Dan standing watching the race. WTH? Dan crashed hard in Dahlonega and still hasn't recovered, so maybe in Rome. On the other hand, Matt scorched the B field and I myself actually had a decent race putting in some attacks with the group I was with and having some fun..

So, that was our weekend.. Practice should be good tomorrow, it's cold and rainy tonight, I sure hope it isn't tomorrow..

Eight ACC riders at this race..  Two wins, and two thirds... Not bad..  


Sam said...

Hooray for Augusta Cross!
I might see you all at Conyers on the 30th. Keep up the good work!

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

That would be awesome.. Let me know.. I'll have a jersey for you..

Drew J said...

Is that a bad darth vader costume behind John in the third pic?

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

That guy was on a single speed kicking ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the success of the team. We've gone from a high of 18 several years ago down to about 6 right now. My little "family" of 4 and 2 others.