Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If seen, net and take to the nearest cross race..

The season is half way over now and what a great season it's been.  Another good performance this week by the team..  A smaller team this weekend in Blairsville, but still some good results..  The team is still sitting 2nd and 3rd in the two team competitions..  With the team at full tilt this weekend minus one rider, we should add some points to our total to help solidify our position..  Now, if we could get a couple of guys to come out of retirement (hint, hint, you know who you are) we could REALLY add some good quality points..  
To sum up the weekend:  Super B got 2nd this weekend in the women's B race, JP was 5th in the men's C race after dancing with the course tape with Jake taking pulling in at 26th..  In the men's B race The Kid finished 5th, don't know the story there, but I'm sure it's gotta be a good one with The Cutter making the podium in the SS with a 3rd AND bringing home some bacon in the 35+ race..  

This weekend is the state championship race at Ft. Yargo State Park..  Should be some REALLY good racing this weekend with riders coming out of the woodwork to put on a show and maybe throw in some surprises..  Hopefully, we won't have any guys who only do this one race of the year show up and steal the show.  I mean, there are guys who race the whole season week after week and then someone shows up and decides "hey, I think I'll go do the state race and ruin their season".  Yes, if they are stronger they should win, but come on, it's like you standing in line waiting on a Egg McMuffin and they throw the "it's now lunch only menu" when you get to the line at McDonalds..  I mean, I don't want no damn Quarter Pounder, I want my Egg McMuffin!!    I've been standing here fantacising about a Egg McMuffin and you want me to eat a hamburger??  Total bummer..

This weekend will be big for me.  I'm doing something different this weekend, well, probably something stupid as well.  I used to race two days a weekend in my younger years, but haven't been able to do so in several years because of how the season is set up..  Soooo, I'm going to do the Hendersonville, NC race on Saturday and then turn around and race Ft. Yargo on Sunday.. Here's the big kicker (and something I've never done before)  I'm hoping to do 2 races on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday..  In the past, I could race all out on Saturday, and then turn around Sunday and do even better, but I'd only do one race a day.  What's up with that?  I think it's you get your body over the shock and it's ready to rock the second day..  What ever it is, it's intersting..  If only I could get some Extran..  DOH!!  Honestly, I didn't know that was a doping product..

Well, time to go ride the cobbles with Devolder and Gilbert..  It's freaking cold out tonight, so I'm gonna do the rollers..  Ah the fun on sitting and spinning..  Actually, if you've never ridden rollers, give it a whirl, it'll actually work you over more than you think..

    Oh, and on a final note, if you see these two cats, grab them by the scruff of the neck and take them to the nearest cross race, I'm tired of answering the same question every freaking week.. (Where's Nate and Robert?)

Till next time..  

TJ, I like flannel sheets..  
Adam, Will Nancy have fresh brownies?  


Tatch said...

Really you usually bring your my little pony sheets, or was it strawberry short cake? By the sound of it you have grown a pair, 4 races in 2 days, is this really ross? I will have flannel sheets available, but you have to show me your pre-registration for the 2 races on Saturday otherwise it's rainbow bright baby!

Culpepper said...

Egg Mcmuffins? Egg Mcmuffins!? That might be why you feel like poo poo on race morning!!! But hey, if it works for you don't let me stop you.

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

What can I say, I have a weakness.. Actually, it gets me through two races.. Are you coming to Yargo?

Sam said...

Actually I prefer egg mcmuffins too!! So you're not alone Ross.

Man Ross you're getting all tough and stuff.

TJ, you have Rainbow Bright sheets?! Man, you've been holding out!! I love Rainbow Bright...she has the coolest horse....

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

Well, some of my plans have been totally screwed. The masters race in NC is at 9:00 and then I would race the B race until 3:00.. WTH is up with that? Plus, they jacked the entry fee up $10.00.. So, I'm doing one on Sat. and probably two on Sunday..

Tatch said...

No flannel sheets for you!

Meredith Tompkins said...

Glad you have put a blog/ACC group together! I'll email you some pics. ASAP.

I'm glad to know you have a pair put some embro on them...THE THICKER YOU GO THE MORE THE PRO!!!!!

Augusta Cross Coalition said...

Where are my pics?