Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey and Bikes..

               Ready to make her debut in the SS class!! 
             John and Chris neck and neck..  (notice the differences in these set ups..)  Photo courtesy of Loose Nuts cycling team..

So Thanksgiving his here and it's time to do what we all love to do..  EAT!!  I'm headed to my ma in laws to chow down, but will try to control myself as I know this gorging will not help my results on Sunday..

Speaking of Sunday, Conyers race 2 is coming up and we're hoping for a another good weekend of racing..  Some questions:  Will Super B be able to handle those young rebels from Athens? Will JP be able to handle the other young rebels from Athens that are riding on of all things, FIXED GEAR BIKES?  What's up with that!!  I mean, you gotta see these guys rides, not exactly what you'd expect to see at a cross race..  But hey, obviously it works for them..  I bet if they were on geared bikes they'd be really giving the B leaders a run for their money..  Can The Kid get back control of the B race and retain that jersey?  Lastly, will I beable to step a way from the dessert table?  (Probably not, Michele did and apple pie and there is ice cream as well)  :) 

My goal this weekend is to do three races..  Yeah, I whimped out and didn't go the NC to race there, but I figure Conyers is going to be the best place to break out the SS that I've thrown together.. So, we'll see what happens... 

Till next time!


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Benjamin said...

Hey ACC.

To be fair, only Chris on the Sunshine / Loosenuts team is riding a fixed gear. He built it for playing bike polo (we've got a pretty big bike polo scene here in Athens). I think he's the only person in the series riding fixed. Ryan and I (Ben) ride single speed conversions (80's steel road and touring frames) in the C races. They're all pretty darn heavy though.

See y'all at Dallas.