Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Augusta Race!

This past weekend the ACC hosted the second race of the Georgia Cross Series. Ross once again promoted a great race with great course. The new course had plenty for everyone - tight switchbacks, double barriers, and a great run up.

The ACC team was ready to defend its home field advantage. The Masters 35 race had Nate Zukas in the leaders jersey duking it out with Brady Rogers. Unfortunately, Nate had to succumb to a slow leaking tire for second. John Phelan placed a respectable 6th. Nevin Lambert showed up on short notice to take 4th in the 45 + race.

The C race had newcomer Samuel Herberg taking a top 10. Randy DuTeau took 11th after several weeks of not riding. Dave Fahrion placed 18th after flatting on the last lap.

The single speed race had a battle at the front with John Phelan leading much of the race only to be nipped at the line for second. Josh Bennett took 8th in the midst of an asthma attack.

The B race was chock full of ACC talent . Laddie just missed a podium once again with a 4th place finish. Josh Jackson took 8th, Eric Stuckart 12th, Brian Culpepper 13, Robert Woldring 14, and young Matt Kogel 16th.

Becca Phelan battled with bruised ribs to take her first podium of the year in the Women's A race. That result also gave her the leaders jersey for next week.

Nate Z. took it for the team and raced the A's in the afternoon finishing 7th. All in all, the team put in a great collective effort. This was enough to put us in the lead for the team competitions! Thanks again to Ross for all of his hard work and leadership.

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