Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grit and Determination

October 23rd and 24th - two days of racing at the Oglethorpe Speedway Park in Savannah. One cross race is enough for most competitors, much less two ,or for some ACC riders, four in one weekend. Grit and determination is what it takes to compete over two days and that is exactly what ACC brought to the lowcountry.

ACC anchor, Nate Zukas, continued his domination of the veteran's race winning by a wide margin on both days. John Phelan crashed hard in Saturday's race but held on for a 3rd place podium finish. Kelly Edwards knocked out a top 10 in the C race Saturday and Dave Fahrion 12th. The B race had Josh Jackson just out of the top group with a 5th. Matt Kogel placed sixth and Robert took 12th. Two more podiums for ACC in the Single Speed race with John P. 2nd, and young Matt 3rd. Kelly took 9th for his second race of the day.

Grit and determination was on full display in the Women's A race. Becca Phelan won under the moonlight against a stacked field. It may have been the best win of her career.

Sunday brought humidity and a longer course with added singletrack. Phelan nursed a slow leak in the Masters race and just finished. Robert continued his tradition of two races taking a 7th in the Masters and a 12th in the B's. Dave Fahrion started the 45+ race for the first time.

The clouds opened up before the next set of races turning the sandy venue into a true cross course. The single speed race was a display of orange and blue with Phelan 1st, Matt 2nd, Josh Bennett 5th, and Kelly 8th. Matt showed a lot of courage by catching his teammate almost to the line. Jack Phelan took a third in the muddy juniors race.

Josh Jackson hung tough in the B's only to suffer an untimely flat on the last lap. He still took 6th. Cross Boss, Ross, took a 13th. Becca added another podium with 3rd in the Women's A race.

All in all it was great weekend for the team. In the words of the race announcer, "ACC dominated the Speedway".

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