Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sunday was the day to dress up and take your bike to Life University in Marietta. A small contingent of ACC riders made the trip. Highlights include three podiums. Nate battled it out for 2nd in the Masters and Phelan took 5th after crashing early. J. Phelan took 1st in single speed and Matt Kogel placed third after a six hour MTB race the day before. Melissa Leigh took 5th in the Women's B race after running a half marathon on Saturday. Dave Fahrion crashed in both of his races but held strong. Josh Jackson battled a stacked B field for 12th. Becca donned her best holiday attire to take 5th in the A race and Jack attacked the last lap for a 4th in the Junior race.

All in all a good weekend. Three leaders jerseys in the series and ACC has a nice lead in both of the team competitions.

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