Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jim Miller Park/Marietta

Last weekend was the 7th race of the series. We are now feeling the aftermath of travelling and racing every week. Jim Miller Park featured a classic cross course with some singletrack and plenty of grass. The "morning A race" had a classic ending with Nate out sprinting Brady Rogers in a drag strip finish. This may seal the series leaders jersey for Nate. Phelan placed 6th, Laddie 8th and Brian Culpepper 14th.

The C race looked like something from the Northeast with 56 racers going over the first set of barriers. Kelly, Dave and Steve Jackson all held their own in the big field. ACC continued its single speed podium success with Phelan 2nd and Laddie 3rd. Matt, Kelly and Dave also competed for their second race of the day. Melissa leigh placed 5th in the Women's B's.

Josh Jackson just missed the top 10 in the B's, Brian 19th and Matt Kogel 30th. Cross boss, Ross Douglas, graced us with his presence in the B's as well. Becca had an off day and took 6th in the A race losing the leaders jersey in the process.

ACC looks good in the series with three to go. Nate has the leader's jersey in the Masters and John is in 3rd. John also has the SS leader's jersey. Becca is in 2nd and Jack Phelan is 3rd in their series competitions. Josh Jackson has 5th in the B's. ACC is in second in the team competition and is leading the combined.

Next week is a long drive to Tennessee. Stay tuned.

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