Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camp Jordan Tennessee

November 14th was the Camp Jordan Tennessee race. This by far was the longest drive for the ACC team. The course was definitely a test of bike handling skills in that it had plenty of switchbacks, off camber turns and two sand pits. It started raining right before the Masters race turning the challenging course into a real test of cantilever brakes.

Nate and Phelan took 3rd and 8th respectively in the Master's race. Nate just needs to have one decent finish to secure the leader's jersey for the series. Dave Fahrion, Kelly, and Steve Jackson all raced the C's. Apparently, there was some scoring issues so stay tuned for their official results.

The rain stopped before the single speed race. Phelan picked a low gear again for the win. Matt took 4th after leading on the first lap. Kelly took 8th and Dave 9th. John also just needs to finish one more race to lock in the SS leader's jersey. Matt is now tied for third.

Becca stepped up big time in the A race. Race promoter, Kim Flynn, once again soloed away for the win. Becca fought off numerous attacks and took second over the likes of Rebecca Graham and Kim Sawyer. The Women's A group has one talented group of ladies. Any one of them could win the series in any given year. She is now second by only a few points in the series.

Master Jack took 4th after dropping a chain midway through his race. He held strong and finished just behind number 3. He is third in his series.

We now have a two week break before the next race at Serenbe. With only two races to go, ACC is second in the overall and first in the combined team competitions. We have two riders in series leader's jerseys, one in second and two in third. Go ACC!

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