Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It was a cold start to the penultimate race of the season. It had been two weeks since the last race. A break after racing for over six weeks straight was welcomed. The course was tough but fair. Lots of singletrack, bumpy cow pasture, and hills to climb.

Nate aced the Masters race. He took the hole shot and didn't look back. The Masters leader's jersey is now secured. Time for Nate to step up and race with the A's next weekend. John Phelan took 6th but unfortunately didn't beat Daryl Sawyer to climb into third for the series.
Kelly E. took a great top 5 in the C's and Dave Fahrion 20th. The single speed race had a nice ACC contingent with John P, Kelly, Dave, Matt, Josh and Steve Jackson competing. John took 2nd and also secured his leader's jersey for the series. Matt is now in 4th and needs to beat #3 in the last race to climb the podium for the series. Josh dropped his chain a few times but managed to beat his Dad. Jack Phelan is now third in the 14 and under series and needs a good result next week to secure that spot.
Melissa Leigh took a solid 6th the Lady B's. The battle of the day was in the Women's A race. Becca was just behind Rebecca Graham by only a few points and needed to beat her to take the jersey back for the series. The two went back and forth for most of the race with Rebecca G. taking it at the end by about 10-15 seconds. It was a nail biter to watch. After the race, the two gave each other a hug.
One race to go. It has been a long, but good season. ACC is second in one team competition and first in the other. Nate and John have won their series. Becca is in second and Jack is in third. Josh Jackson is 5th in the B's. The entire team has come together to make it happen. Now we just need to plan the ACC team Christmas party.
Photos by Drew Graham (Rebecca's husband).

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