Thursday, December 9, 2010

Season Finale

It is hard to believe that the 2010 series is now in the books. It seems like it just started and yet it also feels that the season lasted a year. Two months of packing, travelling and racing takes its toll. Yet, you hate to see it end. Especially when the team has done so well.

The last race was in Conyers. A familiar venue with a newly designed course. Winter set in with highs barely reaching 40 degrees. Plus, it had rained some the day before. This made it a perfect day for racing cross (only better if it could have snowed!).

Conyers is on the Augusta side of Atlanta making it convenient for a day trip for the team. The first race of day had a familiar ending with Nate leaving the field on the first lap. John Phelan was fourth in the series going into the last race and needed to beat #3 by two spots to get on the podium. He managed to take third in the Master's race but Daryl was 4th. Brian Culpepper took 10th, Laddie 12th, Robert 15th, and Kelly 16th (his first Master's race).

Right after Kelly finished, he lined up for the C race and got his best finish of the year - a third place podium spot! Kelly crashed out at this venue last year so that result was sweet revenge. Dave Fahrion placed 18th and Steve Jackson 41st.

The single speed race had most of the ACC team on the line. Matt Kogel was in 4th going into the last race and needed to beat #3 to secure a series podium. He did just that with a 5th place. Phelan took 3rd. The winner of the SS also raced the A's and took 13th again on his single speed (ahead of our Nate Zukas and 8 others!). The rest of the race looked like a train of orange and blue - Laddie 9th, Brian 11th, Josh Jackson 12th, Kelly 13th, Robert 15th, Dave 19th. Many on our team signed up for multiple races to increase our overall team chances. Melissa Leigh had a nice top 5 in the Lady B's.

Becca had great race in the A's taking third. Unfortunately, she needed to beat her buddy Rebecca G. by more than two spots to take the leader's jersey. In the end she missed it by three points. If if's and but's were candies and nuts...... She finished on a high note with a podium in the last race. Rebecca Graham was a gracious series winner. Mens B - Josh J. took 17th in his second race of the day. Nate finally stepped up and raced the A's with a respectable 15th in a stacked field.

What a season though! Two leaders jerseys with Nate and John. Becca took 2nd in her series. Jack Phelan 3rd in the Juniors. Young Matt 3rd in the SS. Josh Jackson 5th in the B's. Kelly 5th in the C's. ACC was second in the overall team competition and 1st in the combined. The team really came together this year. Now we get to celebrate the season at our Christmas party! Until next year.......

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Ross said...

Great report and GREAT job everyone..